Our Services

GeoFlow offers turnkey solution (design and installation) to deliver our clients high performance geothermal heating and cooling systems. Our flexible service structure allows us to provide our clients with tailored solutions, from energy assessments, geothermal design to full design and installation. Our engagement process includes:


Stage 1: Energy Assessment

GeoFlow Assists with minimizing energy requirement of the house and delivering NatHERS energy  assessment.

Stage 2: Geothermal Design & 
Advice on Best Energy Source

GeoFlow designs and prices the geothermal ground work and compares  it to the conventional air  conditioning and hot water system.

Stage 3: Ducting/Hydronic Design

GeoFlow designs the indoor heating and cooling distribution system and delivers design documents.

Stage 4: Installation

GeoFlow quotes for full system installation and cash-back for design fee and our clients can choose their system installer.


Commissioning the System and Handover
GeoFlow Installation
Radiator Fan Coil Hydronic Ducted Heating/Cooling Distribution System
Comparison and advice
on best energy source
Conventional Geothermal 3D Hourly Thermal Modelling 6 Star Enegy Assessment Apply Passive Design Principles
GeoFlow Australia Service

     Our clients may ask for our design/installation service at any stage of building planning and construction. However, the sooner we get involved, we can assist with more savings with the energy efficiency of the house.

     For installation, we prefer to manage the installation works and make sure the designed system is installed and commissioned properly. If you choose GeoFlow installation, you will also get cash back on the design fees. Otherwise, you may take our design drawings to the installer of your own choice and compare it to our installation quote and select your installer. Please contact us for free advice on your system design and installation.


Design and installation of Goethermal Energy Systems

Geothermal Energy systems efficiently heat and cool buildings using sustainable energy in the ground via ground loops embedded within a few tens of metres from the surface. Geothermal systems can significantly reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from air conditioning of the building. We use design methodology developed by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and the Canadian Geothermal Coalition (CGC), in combination with commercial design software, to cost effectively design and install Geothermal Energy systems.

6 Star Energy Rating 
At GeoFlow Australia, we have expertise in delivering the mandatory 6-Star rating for residential developments and extensions. We add value to our assessments by offering cost/benefit analysis and specific design solutions to improve building performance.



Building Hourly Energy Analysis
We perform the building hourly energy analysis for two primary reasons: We us it to size and select the mechanical equipment for heating and cooling and, to predict the annual energy consumption of a building. The building hourly energy consumption allows quantitative design of Passive Solar houses and Geothermal Energy systems.

Passive Solar Design
Buildings that are passively designed take advantage of the local climate to maintain thermal comfort. At GeoFlow Australia, using the above two services, we use appropriate strategies and take into account the climate and specifics of the site to quantitatively minimize the heating and cooling requirements of the building, cost of running the building and consequently the carbon footprint of the building.



Design and Installation of Conventional Heating and Cooling Systems

We offer a range of conventional heating and cooling systems.

     Reverse Cycle Ducted Refrigerated

     Evaporative Cooling

     Wall Mount Split

     Multi-Head Split System

     Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV)

     Gas Ducted Heating

At GeoFow Australia we model the building and select the correct size of heating and cooling components for each zone.

Design and Installation of Hydronic Under-slab Heating

In Addition to the superior comfort, hydronic heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat buildings. These systems dissipate heat through a larger surface area (floor area of the conditioned zones) which allow reducing the circulating water temperature. This low-temp solution allows the conventional or geothermal heat pump systems to run at 30% higher efficiency.



Design and Installation of Ducting and Fan Coil Systems
At GeoFlow Australia, we use the building’s thermal model to calculate the required air flow for each zone of the building, and based on the heating and cooling requirements of a zone and air humidity, fan coils are selected. Ducting is designed to suit the fan coil and deliver the required air volume and velocity in diffusers. We install both refrigerated and chilled water fan coils. The advantage of chilled water fan coil with heat pump application is to allow using a hydronic under-slab system to heat the building during the winter.