Building hourly energy performance calculations are made for two primary reasons. They are made to size and select mechanical equipment or to predict the annual energy consumption of a building. The output of this service is the peak heating and cooling requirement for the house and hourly building load for a year.
At GeoFlow Australia, for both residential and commercial buildings, we perform the building hourly energy analysis. Peak loads are used to size the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning (HVAC) items and hourly loads are used for geothermal systems design. Building hourly energy analysis plays the most important role in the design of any geothermal system. As any size of a geothermal system has a known amount of heat to deliver cost effectively, it is important to design it properly to match the annual heating and cooling load requirement of the building. Unfortunately, most of the time, this analysis is ignored and replaced by simple rules of thumb which can oversize/undersize the geothermal system.
At GeoFlow Australia, we use leading software for hourly energy analysis and incorporate all the details possible from drawings and take into account the way our clients use their air conditioning system to better model the thermal performance of the building.