Energy Rating

As a part of our GeoFlow turnkey solution,we have the expertise and experience in delivering the mandatory energy assessment for residential and commercial developments and extensions. We add value to our assessments by offering cost/benefit analysis and specific design solutions to improve building performance.

We provide energy assessment and star rating for home owners and architects/builders looking to satisfy the building permit requirements and to minimise the building energy use. We can assist with applying different solar passive principles to the building design and model it to assess the overall reduction in energy use and help our clients to assess the cost associated with different options to choose the best and most cost effective solution.











GeoFlow Energy Rating Facts



GeoFlow commercial

Residential 6-star Energy Rating

6 Star Energy Rating assessment for new homes, additions and alterations Australia wide – as required to obtain a Building Permit.

Download Minimum Data to Rate New House (PDF)

Download Minimum Data to Rate Existing House (PDF)


Commercial Energy Efficiency Assessment

Section J and Deemed To Satisfy (DTS) report to satisfy building permit requirements for non-residential buildings (Class 2-9).

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We don’t just rate your building, we help you with minimising the cost of insulation by re-analysing the building performance under different options for insulation, shading and glazing to get better rating at a lower cost.

We take the time to achieve a better rating for your project. For us rating is not just entering data, it is about understanding passive house principals, the legislation to deliver the most cost effective solution. 

Feel confident in the knowledge that we have two PhDs (Dr. Kivi and Dr. Rismanchi) assessing and rating your project. Our un-matched level of qualification directly benefits you as we can extract every possible star value out of your rating. 

Under reference building assessment method that GeoFlow offers, We have access to 3D building modelling software which allows us to model and rate your building in 3D and assess effects like thermal mass, heat recovery and ventilation.  

For a competitive price assessment and solar passive house design and other sustainable solutions, please check out our services website and contact us.