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Savosolar team

Our international team has extensive know-how and experience in solar thermal energy, district heating, industrial process heating, and vacuum coating technologies. Our headquarter and manufacturing facility is located in Finland and we have subsidiaries in Denmark and Germany.

Geoflow has the highest skills in design and combining different sources of renewable energy including geothermal heating and cooling. Geoflow is the only company in Australia to have Certified Geothermal Designer and with recent design of a 10,000m2 solar thermal collector system combined with geothermal heating in Australia, Geoflow is becoming the leading company in large scale solar thermal solutions in the region. Australia has power prices as high as Denmark and annual average solar irradiation twice Northern Europe. Combine this with an ambitious government renewable energy targets, Australia is the heaven for solar thermal systems. With recent Australia’s gas price hike, there is a huge potential for solar thermal systems to replace existing low efficiency gas heaters in industrial and horticulture heating sector. Geoflow is now offering a turnkey solutions for large scale solar thermal systems and with current energy market in Australia, there is a huge potential for rapid growth in delivering projects for different large scale heating and cooling energy sectors.